sdp participants

The platform is being built prototypically by volunteers, financed by donations and funds from participants. In the design thinking process, the focus is on people, building owners and municipalities that have started with evidence-based climate protection.

Companies, energy agencies, institutes and non-profit foundations with many years of experience in climate action and digitization work together on the sdp. The basis of the “hybrid” collaboration is the platform code. Tools are developed together with municipalities, neighborhoods and housing companies.

drivers for data-based climate action

The sustainable data platform and the CO2COMPASS program will be jointly developed in the initial phase.

Platform operation and building

The non-profit foundation Stiftung Energieeffizienz is involved in the development of the platform, contributes proprietary software for open-source use and acts on a voluntary basis and financed by donations as the provisional sponsor of the sdp and the CO2COMPASS program in the initial phase. The foundation’s self-interest is access to improved and robust digital tools developed on the platform for use in accordance with its statutes.

Together with the non-profit Ludwig Boelkow Foundation, the goal is to establish a structure, e.g., through an association of foundations with the right to sue. Tasks include monitoring violations of the Code (e.g., data use for commercial purposes). In order to carry out the tasks professionally and permanently independent of particular interests, foundations with a particular affinity for data and with statutes that are congruent with the goals are welcome to participate in the ongoing platform building.