The sustainable data platform needs your support

The sustainable data platform (sdp) needs your support to process and provide independent data for evidence-based climate action.

The agile development of the sdp could be ensured in the first year with voluntary work, funds from the participants and donations. In order to expand the work and improve the tools, to look after the data and take user wishes into account, etc., a permanent and independent guarantee of good quality must now be ensured.

We live from your expertise: Volunteers, IT staff and people with good community input are the backbone of the platform. Welcome!

In addition, every small donation is important. The donation as a charitable contribution or endowment counts not only in monetary terms but also as an expression of support for our work. It allows us to remain independent and should therefore be an essential part of the financing in the long term.

Another part of sdp’s funding, especially in professional modules (blue), comes from charging a user fee for services, use and labelling. The foundations for this are to be laid in 2022.


The foundation’s work is currently carried out on a voluntary basis. We will make every effort to process your request promptly. We will gladly accept your request in the form of a short email.

Donation account:

  • Stiftung Energieeffizienz
  • Bank: Sparkasse Gütersloh Rietberg
  • IBAN DE17 4785 0065 0000 0005 05

Please specify keyword: “sdp / module” (e.g. heat-pump-check or CO2-Avatar)

Recognised by the Detmold district government as a charitable foundation under civil law / tax number 351/5912/1004. The Energy Efficiency Foundation is a signatory to the Transparent Civil Society Initiative of Transparency International.