PrPrototype development <CO2 heating master>

“To make the complex construction process cost and energy efficient for all parties involved in the construction process, a professional caretaker [1] is needed, a new occupational field needs to be designed.”

The CO2 Heating Master supports business models for digitally supported service management and the development of AI-supported optimized algorithms for the efficient and emission-free operation of plants. It starts with modules for solar thermal, heat pumps and combined heat and power plants. The basis of the CO2 heating master is KEB-NOA service ecosystems and preliminary work on the sustainable data platform for validation and evaluation of the plant condition for e.g. benchmarks.

The project incorporates many years of experience in planning, evaluating and optimizing the operation of heat supply systems. The aim is to make the digital service tools openly available to manufacturers and service providers in the future. The joint further development enables comprehensive value creation for users, companies and the environment. At the same time, the data situation for a fact-based building and climate protection policy can be significantly improved.

[1]: 2. Expertentreffen Wohnen und Energie der Stiftung Energieeffizienz; “Cost and environmentally friendly construction and renovation projects: Who cares?” (10.05.2017): The open dialog of 23 construction experts showed that the generalist in construction has had its day, as no player has an overview of the construction process anymore. However, in order to bring the complex construction process to cost and energy efficiency for all construction stakeholders, a professional “caretaker” is needed. A new occupational field needs to be created for this purpose.