sdp info-corner : on-site advice

As a citizen, building owner or tenant, get advice in the sdp info-corner with the help of the open tools of the sustainable data platform to save costs and protect the climate. We use your data on energy and CO2 to generate benefits with the help of science – for improved management of the energy transition. The idea of the info-corner goes back to the open and neutral advisory service of the green-energy-center in Innsbruck.

20 years ago, the “Solarsiedlung Riehl” was implemented as an example of low heating costs and emissions: How does climate protection work today?

1. Prototype Cologne:

2023 the first sdp info-corner prototype opened in the Cologne office of the Stiftung Energieeffizienz:

Weyerstrasse 32, D-50676 Cologne.

Opening hours: Tuesdays from 3 to 5 pm.

Appointment requests by e-mail: info @

We apologise for the fact that the flyers for the open counselling services are currently only available in German due to capacity constraints.

Dates: Welcome for a cup of tea

First of all, welcome to our prototype in Cologne. We are happy to listen to your specific energy transition problem and explain the idea of the info-corner with the “data donation” for the transparency offensive.

Your building data will be used anonymously and without personal reference. They provide a better data basis for implementing expansion and savings potentials, especially for affordable and clean heat.

WP: Efficient heating
with heat pumps

Heat pumps only limit CO2 emissions and costs if minimum quality requirements are met in planning, installation and operation.

To ensure this, WP-Cockpit is initially available free of charge to private households for new heat pumps with one electricity meter and a maximum of two heat meters.

every 1st Tuesday of the month 15-17 h

FW: Reduction in district heating capacity

Check your savings by reducing the district heating connected load free of charge. If successful, we will finance the work of our partners SEnerCon and energy check by 50% of your savings in the first year.

every 2nd Tuesday of the month 15-17 h

CO2: Your personal path to climate neutrality

With the CO2-Avatar, the personal path to climate neutrality can be determined. Around 30 simple everyday measures from the areas of energy, mobility and consumption can be selected to reduce CO2.

every 3rd Tuesday of the month 15-17 h