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open data initiative for municipal climate neutrality

Whether you are a committed citizen, a member of the climate council or a mayor. GermanZero, Klimawatch, OK-Lab Karlsruhe and sdp invite you to the launch of the open data initiative for municipal climate neutrality. Date and location will be announced soon. Please let us know your interest.

Klimawatch: Intuitive Nachverfolgung kommunal beschlossener Klimaschutzmaßnahmen

Was geht, was steht? Mit einer intuitiven und interaktiven Visualisierung soll der Stand kommunaler Klima-schutzanstrengungen auf Basis von beschlossenen Maßnahmen einfach verfolgt und verglichen werden können (Klimawatch:


Digitale Anzeigetafel für CO2-Einsparungen: Engagements mit dem CO2-Avatar sichtbar machen, um Klimaschutz-Jahresziele gemeinsam zu erreichen. Bereits zum Zeitpunkt der Meldung sollen Klimaschutzanstrengungen überschlägig quantifiziert werden können, um ein sichtbares Engagement breiter Gruppen zu ermöglichen.

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Strengthening of transparency and participation of civil society in municipal climate protection

Without high-quality data that provides valid information on climate action at the right time, developing, monitoring, and managing affordable municipal greenhouse gas reduction pathways is impossible[1].

Evidence-based climate protection requires broad-based digitization that is accepted by the population. This cannot be introduced by the administration alone. For this reason, the open data initiative presents participatory support offerings that are to be introduced as prototypes in the first European pilot municipalities in 2022.

The tools aim to provide continuous feedback in order to develop measures together, to monitor the achievement of objectives and to make adjustments, to enable citizens to make suggestions effectively and in a structured manner in the ongoing process, and to relieve the administration.

Time is running out for municipal climate protection. Municipal CO2 budgets are being used up too quickly. This increases the pressure on municipalities to save more greenhouse gases, to better communicate savings potentials and necessities and, last but not least, to present the progress in savings more transparently.

To support climate protection efforts in cities and municipalities, “Code for Germany” as part of the “Klimawatch” project, “GermanZero,” “OK-Lab Karlsruhe” and the “sustainable data platform” are jointly developing digital tools. The common focus is on strengthening participation and impulses from civil society. Citizens can use their data to make positive, valid examples visible and contribute new ideas to climate protection concepts.

The offer of support is aimed at citizens, climate and citizens’ councils, administrations and committed actors in municipalities. Employees in the municipalities are to be supported by open working aids and, for example, in the digitalized development of necessary data bases for timely climate protection.

The following tools are scheduled for deployment in 2022:

  1. LocalZero: The climate vision of GermanZero
  2. Klimawatch: Intuitive tracking of climate protection measures
  3. OK-Lab Karlsruhe: Transparency portal to improve data basis
  4. sustainable data platform: Digital dashborad for communal GHG savings

The open tools are to continue the CLIMATE BET idea of immediate data-based climate protection aligned with clear goals. In perspective, a Europe-wide comprehensive open and democratically controlled data warehouse structure is also envisaged for the simplified preparation of GHG balances and support of GHG management.

[1] Regarding to: