Cooperation of profit and non-profit platform members

The aim of the sustainable data platform is to promote and visualize data-based sustainable action using valid, representative data and the best available standards, to promote environmental and consumer protection, and to provide high-quality services with the aim of 100% supply with renewable energy without fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Platform indicators are to be aligned with the SDGs and planetary boundaries in a time-variant manner.

The participants get access to platform modules and process data according to quality specifications and semantization rules and, taking data protection into account, put this data on the platform without selection or enable it to end users (approval by the user). End user support modules are provided free of charge by participants.

Participants undertake to provide additional information that is necessary for the evaluation and to achieve the goal, or to enable the end user. Valid sustainable data is used independently and free of commercial interests and influences (e.g. no data trading). Participants name conflicts of interest.

The code is part of a compliance management system (verification of execution in accordance with TÜV-Rheinland TR-CMS 100: 2015). Participants who violate the code, e.g. through the sale, manipulation or misuse of data are excluded from participation and receive a contractual penalty.

The compliance has to be further developed.