The open sustainable data platform aims to take approaches with a proven track record for efficiency and climate protection to the next level to help achieve the SDGs and the 1.5 °C target on a personal, municipal and international level.

The sustainable data platform is intended to accelerate climate protection to the necessary extent and to provide previously missing, independent data for control purposes. The platform supports the Sustainable Development Goals by developing cost-effective metering indicators and standards. It integrates bottom-up and top-down approaches and names disturbances for effective climate protection.

The non-profit platform is a data warehouse with efficiency and climate protection modules (profit and non-profit). It is developed by data experts with a focus on sustainability, efficiency, measurement technology, IoT and AI. For the platform and especially data security, the best possible quality assurance and protection against misuse is sought.

The participants (participation process) are given access to jointly developed modules and are enabled to develop sustainable business models (licensing agreements). The project aims at a high level of user-friendliness and service quality in order to minimize emissions and costs.

Organisationally, the platform is based on permanent structures whose statutes comply with the platform code (provisionally: Articles of Association of the Energy Efficiency Foundation).

In addition to the factual and professional suitability, the binding acceptance of the Codex is a prerequisite for participation in the platform. The basic funding of the platform, which is initially managed and created on a voluntary basis, is provided by donations and contributions from the for-profit participants.

Preparatory work was started at the end of 2019, and is currently being coordinated with international organizations to optimally support the SDGs.